Jay Dixit teaching a corporate storytelling workshop at Amazon / IMDB in Seattle


A good story has the power to transport people and move them to action—whether it's to work for you, hire you, buy your product, or invest in your company. Schedule a learning experience with Storytelling.NYC and equip your team with powerful storytelling techniques that engage the heart as well as the mind.

The Art of Storytelling



Whether you're pitching investors, marketing your product, or going for the sale, there’s one surefire way to captivate people and move them to action: tell a good story. In this workshop, you’ll learn from the best pitch decks and presentations, content marketing and blog posts, print ads and Super Bowl commercials. By the end of the day, you'll know the tips, tricks, and techniques to tell a story that captivates people and moves them to action—whether it's to work for you, hire you, buy your product, or invest in your company.

Storytelling for Sales


Sales is about creating a vision in the customer's mind about something they want. In this workshop, you'll learn powerful techniques for telling a story that captivates customers' attention, touches them emotionally, and moves them across the gulf from uncertainty to sale. Modules include how to convey your value proposition in story form, casting the customer as the main character; how to tell a story that speaks to your customer's emotional needs; and how to use storytelling elements even in the briefest of formats. By the end of this workshop, you'll know how to use visualness to lead the customer's imagination to give client presentations, make sales calls, and write pitch emails that actually make customers want to buy.


Brand Story Workshop



In this workshop, we'll work with your team to develop a unified brand story you can use across your company. Unite your team with a common story, unlock their potential to tell it, and watch your business grow.

How to Talk About Your Product So Customers Understand


No matter how complicated or technical your product, you need to be able to communicate what it is and how it makes your customers’ lives better. In this intensive day-long workshop, we'll work with your team to understand your business and develop language to articulate your product with clarity and precision—whether you’re pitching an investor, closing the big sale, or meeting people at a party. By the end of the day, you’ll have a compelling story for your brand and clear language that cuts through the jargon and lets you talk about your product in a vivid, relatable way that generates excitement and drives sales. 


Storytelling for Lawyers


Lawyers know how to make arguments. But what they don’t teach you in law school is that facts and arguments don’t persuade people—stories do. In this day-long storytelling workshop, lawyers learn the tools to craft a compelling narrative that anyone can grasp, understand and empathize with. Gain the skills to engage the heart right along with the mind, and create a winning strategy in the courtroom. 

Using real cases, briefs, and closing arguments, we’ll discover the persuasive power of a well-told story, learn how to turn a client into a protagonist struggling against an obstacle, explore the power of cause and effect in any brief and oral argument, and give you the skills to turn your case into a compelling narrative.

Writing Clear Proposals


Writing is thinking on paper, and clear writing requires clear thinking. Unfortunately, most proposals and strategic plans are long, convoluted, and disorganized. The solution key is to write with the reader in mind, laying out a clear structure, marshaling relevant data, and including only relevant information. In this crash course on clear writing, you’ll master the skills of analytical thinking, learning how to ask the right questions, choose the right data, and find a logical structure. You'll also learn to write clear, vivid sentences through modules on clarity, active language, and concision. By the end of the workshop, you’ll be able to write plans and proposals that are rigorous, organized, and data-driven. You'll also receive a free toolkit that includes cheat sheets, style guides, and templates tailored specifically to your business.

Storytelling for Impact


Leading brands know that a good story beats a statistic every time. Storytelling has an impact that facts simply lack; the power to move your audience. In this session, we’ll focus on how to get the maximum emotional impact out of the story of your product. Our focus will be exclusively on the ways you can craft a narrative that packs a punch. 

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