Unleash the power of story to captivate and persuade

Storytelling for Sales and Impact

The human brain is wired for stories. When you tell a good story, people can’t help but pay attention, remember, and share your message with others. Leading brands know that storytelling drives sales because unlike facts and figures, stories speak directly to our feelings—enabling you to connect with people on an emotional level and inspire them to act. 

Storytelling is a skill anyone can master. With the right instruction, you can learn the tips, tricks, and techniques that make a story compelling. Storytelling.NYC’s learning experiences will equip you with the tools to tell stories that enchant people and move them to action—whether it’s to work for you, hire you, buy your product, or invest in your company. You'll learn:

  • the neuroscience of how storytelling works in the brain

  • powerful techniques for creating curiosity, suspense, and emotional engagement

  • what buttons to push to persuade your customers to act

You’ll leave with simple, science-based techniques for telling a story so captivating your audience can’t help but sit up, pay attention, and act. Schedule a learning experience with Storytelling.NYC today and unleash the power of storytelling to transform your business.

One of the best training workshops I’ve ever done. I’d definitely take any class by Jay. His class could easily turn into a TED Talk. He engages the entire room and remembers everyone’s name. He’s a great teacher because his delivery is flawless… devil is in the details.
— Rob Luciano
I couldn’t be happier. Jay’s material is broadly applicable beyond writing; I find myself using Jay’s techniques when composing important work e-mails and especially when connecting with clients. Everybody left the workshop visibly excited and more confident in their ability to engage audiences in any medium.
— David Quaid, Google
You can’t leave this class without learning at least one new thing about writing, regardless of your writing background or how long you’ve been pushing the pen. Jay pulls in lessons from movies, novels, and stories. I came out of Jay’s class with a creative energy that is rare in my day-to-day. I highly recommend Jay’s class for aspiring storytellers of all types!
— Erica Swallow

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About Jay Dixit

Jay Dixit, Founder of Storytelling.NYC

Jay Dixit, Founder of Storytelling.NYC

Jay Dixit is an award-winning writer, storyteller, and writing teacher whose work has appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Rolling Stone, Slate, Wired, and Psychology Today. As an interviewer, Jay has spoken to Spike Lee, Tim Roth, Willem Dafoe, and Tony Robbins. Jay also conducted George Carlin’s last interview—which George Carlin called the “most complete interview” of his life.

Jay studied psychology at Yale University, where he graduated cum laude with distinction in the major. His senior thesis in psychology was published in The Journal of Social Issues and cited over 250 times, and two of the magazine articles he wrote as an undergrad are still taught in Yale’s nonfiction writing classes.

Jay got his start as a writer covering college life for Rolling Stone, then went on to cover comedy for The New York Times before specializing in psychology and neuroscience. Jay served as Senior Editor at Psychology Today, where he covered decision making, social influence and persuasion, consumer behavior, and love and attraction. His work also appears in the anthology The Best of Technology Writing.

Jay has taught creative writing at Columbia University, and leads storytelling classes and and corporate training through Storytelling.NYC. Jay is also the winner of The Moth, a live stage storytelling competition based in New York, and his story “My Father’s Love” appears on The Moth Radio Hour and NPR. He can be reached at jay@storytelling.nyc.