Storytelling for Sales

Sales is about creating a vision in the customer's mind — a vision of something they want. 

In Storytelling for Sales, you’ll learn powerful techniques for telling stories that captivate customers' attention, touch them emotionally, and move them across the gulf from uncertainty to sale. Units include how to convey your value proposition in story form; casting the customer as the main character; how to tell a story that speaks to your customer's emotional needs; and how to use storytelling elements even in the briefest of formats. By the end of this workshop, you'll be equipped with simple, powerful storytelling techniques you can use in emails, client presentations, and sales calls.

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99 percent of sales pitches are boring, uninspiring, and unconvincing.

If you’re not using storytelling on a daily basis, you’re missing valuable opportunities to connect with people and make sales. Most presentations, pitches, and advertisements are far too vague, generic, and boring to persuade people or inspire them to act.

It’s not enough just to present information or make an argument. To move people to take action, you need to stir their emotions — and the best way to do that is to tell a story.


Less information. More storytelling.

When you tell a story to colleagues or customers, you bypass the evaluative regions of the brain and activate the experiential and emotional regions instead, triggering a brain state known as narrative transportation. Rather than evaluating your logic, listeners are instead transported into the world of your story — open to new ideas and ready to take action.

Storytelling captures attention and ignites curiosity

Our words have the power to either bore people or put them in a peak state, primed for learning, inspiration, and creativity. Rather than inundating listeners with information they don’t care about and can’t absorb, storytelling ignites curiosity — so listeners are always tugging on the rope, eager to hear more.


Jay teaches a simple, step-by-step method anyone can learn

Jay’s unique method represents the culmination of 20 years experience as an award-winning writer, speaker, storyteller, and psychology and neuroscience consultant. Drawing on insights from the neuroscience of curiosity and the psychology of how attention works in the brain, Jay equips participants with a comprehensive understanding of why some stories work and others don’t. 

As one student put it: “I’ve been a writer for years, but after taking Jay’s workshop, I realized I never really understood what makes a story work. Now whenever I see a movie or hear a story, I have this X-ray vision for all the story elements and how they fit together.”

Jay’s workshops are entertaining and inspiring, and participants leave equipped with powerful storytelling techniques they can use to craft stories of their own that are captivating, suspenseful, and emotionally engaging.

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